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Lovely Lake[edit]

A warm welcome at the train station
The fence that prevented me from getting to the point

The point itself was on private ground. People who live there have only some meters to go to a small beach at Lake Lehnitz. It was warm, sun was shining and the beach was full. I was at the fence which was closest to the point at 16 p.m. I didn't recognize any other xkcd-readers.

Afterwards I travelled around Lake Lehnitz and enjoyed the sun. The overwhelming sweetness of the tilias' fragrance was freshed up by the spruces' scent. I gathered some early wild Raspberries (Himbeeren) and in the northern part of the lake I found some Yellow Flag Iris (Sumpf-Schwertlilien). After crossing the streets of terrifying big ants, I recreated in a small restaurant where I drank their special: Cola mixed with apple juice. Tastes very good, you should try it, too!

Sun 22 Jun 2008 in Berlin:
52.7465293, 13.2642328

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