2008-06-22 38 -121

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Sun 22 Jun 2008 in 38,-121:
38.7465293, -121.2642328

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Planning Information[edit]

A group of 5 of us should be visiting this one about 2pm today, I will have pictures.

Domo-Cube should be attending as well in order to mix memes


Pictures are below


DomoCube getting ready for adventures! KIF 5752.JPG

4 out of 5 of us (photographer Mallin not pictured) KIF 5810.JPG

Goofing off with our phones. KIF 5791.JPG

The Geohash was in a pretty snazzy business park; complete with fountain and pond KIF 5771.JPG

Goofing off at the fountain. KIF 5800.JPG

We are pretty sure the Geohash was in the wall next to this stairwell. KIF 5801.JPG

A different angle of the stairwell. KIF 5802.JPG

Me, Kelsa, getting as close as possible to the Geohash site. KIF 5804.JPG

Combining memes: Domocube goes all Chuck Norris over the Geohash site! KIF 5816.JPG

Craptastic photo of our photographer Mallin taken with an iPhone. 2008-06-22 38 -121 1.jpg