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2008-06-22 33 -118

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Sun 22 Jun 2008 in 33,-118:
33.7465293, -118.2642328

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[edit] Location

Located on Terminal Island, which is part of the both the Port of Los Angeles and the Port of Long Beach. These two adjacent ports are the 10th and 15th busiest container ports in the world. The location of the hash was on the Port of Los Angeles side.

I, Mike, drove to Terminal Island via the Vincent Thomas Bridge. The location of the geohash was in the middle of a cargo container storage yard and next to an fuel depot. While photography is not strictly prohibited in the port, such locations are not normally places where the local security allows photography, so I circumnavigated the container yard in my car taking pictures out the window.

In all my years in LA, this was my first ever trip to the freight harbor. It is truly massive.

[edit] Pictures