2008-06-21 60 -149

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Sat 21 Jun 2008 in Seward, AK:
60.9793177, -149.6139621

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  • A bit out of the way, yet still attainable Saturday meetup out on the Turnagain Arm.
  • An alternate location in a pullout 656 meters from the actual point in the inlet has been designated.
  • About a 25 minute drive from midtown Anchorage.

Intended Attendees[edit]

  • Orbatos, Nutsenmai, and Nycti are planning on stopping by at some point after 4pm.
  • Yos has a wedding to attend and sadly will not be able to make it.


  • Orbatos, Nutsenmai, and Nycti's GPS was only able to connect to one satellite, and we didn't print out a map, so we had to go off of memory to find the correct pullout. After a couple stops, including Beluga Point, we found one we thought matched up fairly well just after the mile 107 signpost. Took a few pictures and were on our way back home.
  • Confirmed the location as being the correct one upon our arrival home by referencing satellite maps and our recorded drive data.

Photographic Evidence[edit]