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Sat 21 Jun 2008 in 59,10:
59.9793177, 10.6139621

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Located in the middle of a field near a lake outside of Oslo.



Chimera's First Geohash[edit]

Sort of.

Left house at 13:00 to rollerblade to hash point. Went off the edge of my map at least half an hour before reaching the coordinates. Overshot the turnoff and ended up in the next town, Sørkedalen. Oops. Turned around and found the road I should have taken. It was dirt and gravel and full of potholes. Made my way along it anyway. Reached the road that wound along the field the hash point was in. It was gravel and overgrown with weeds. I didn't bring other footwear with me to cut down on things to carry, so rollerblading was out. There was also a good chance said field would have been surrounded with electric fencing like the rest of the fields in the area (lots of horses there). Decided I got close enough, struggled back down the dirt road and made my way back. Arrived home at 20:00.

Conclusion: Chimera needs a better map.


Still need to get better at this whole wiki thing.