2008-06-21 55 13

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Sat 21 Jun 2008 in 55,13:
55.9793177, 13.6139621

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This hash in the Malmö, Sweden graticule was located north of Höör. This time in what could be most easily be descibed as a swamp.

Two teams reached the point. Team one was on time and came the closest. Team two was late (17.00) and too lazy to get out of the car... Team two were quite close.

GPS: (55.979317N, 13.613962E).

Meetup #1[edit]

Karl-Anders drove there accompanied by Ernst and Ida. Due to a very poor choice of shoes we couldn't get to the exact spot, but the first photo is of the general area of the spot.

Meetup #2[edit]

David, HannesL and Therese drove to the spot. Was there about an hour after the first team. The last piece of road looked to narrow for the Geohash-mobile, so we chickened out. Good that someone made an honest attempt to find the exact location. I guess we're to lazy. See you guys the next time!