2008-06-21 38 -121

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Sat 21 Jun 2008 in 38,-121:
38.9793177, -121.6139621

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Planning Information[edit]

Anyone up for this? Seems like a simple enough place to reach. A little out of my way, but I've got a free afternoon tomorrow. Mpanighetti

Man, I would so be up for this one. I can't wait til I make it back home. A little over a week left! If anybody makes it here, take some pictures and post 'em! Crash413

I was thinking about it but I don't know if I want to spen $20 in gas to go out there if no one else is, heh. Nak

Hmm, in that case I think I'll skip out this time. Mpanighetti

Hehe, me too. But next week me and a friend are planning on going. Hopefully the coordinates aren't so far next time (they have been ridiculously far every time I've tried to go). Nak

Well this will be my first geohash, but since I lack an actual GPS device, it'll have to be a meetup with someone better equipped. Here's hoping for next weekend! Mpanighetti