2008-06-21 30 -84

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Sat 21 Jun 2008 in Tallahassee, Florida:
30.9793177, -84.6139621

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This weekend's meetup for the Tallahassee folks was just outside the city limits of Bainbridge, Georgia, near the Decatur county airport.


  • briand
  • zingor


The location was fairly easy to reach, located just a few feet east of the railroad tracks adjacent to the highway. zingor arrived first, due to her innate navigational powers, her superior time management skills, and her semi-familiarity with the area. briand was the next to arrive, shortly after 4:00pm, on his first trip into or near Bainbridge. Both exited their vehicles upon briand's arrival and introduced themselves. Their presence was immediately noted by approximately 2,187,411 (I will admit, I didn't count them) residents of the immediate vicinity, each of whom (individually, and en masse!) swarmed about the geohashers and constantly interrupted the conversation.

From the side of the road, zingor, briand, and a cloud of small flying pests headed toward the exact geohash location. A few train cars stood on the tracks in the way, requiring a bit of climbing to reach the other side (the gnats eschewed the ladders, and simply opted to fly and swarm about). Once on the other side of the tracks, the two proceeded to roam back and forth at the whim of the GPS units for about 5 minutes, whereupon it was universally decided that the location had been "reached" (and the intrepid geohashers had endured just about enough of the swarming gnats). No XKCD marker was left, but the gnats and mosquitoes did manage to obtain several high-quality DNA samples from both geohashers.

No games were played, per se, however zingor did reveal the "winning move" necessary to rid one's vehicle of the hundreds of flying pests that inevitably followed one into the vehicles. (She had practiced this maneuver prior to briand's arrival.) Both geohashers executed this move as they exited the area and headed back towards Tallahassee.