2008-06-20 55 13

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Fri 20 Jun 2008 in 55,13:
55.8812831, 13.0866544

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This hash in the Malmö, Sweden graticule was located north of Teckomatorp. Once again in a wheat field. As you can see from the "no traffic allowed"-sign in the

images below, we couldn't get closer than a couple of hundreds of meters. Just like three other times, the point was in a wheat field.

GPS: (55.881283082188N, 13.0866543637585E).

The Meetup[edit]

HannesL enjoyed the drive there. David enjoyed the ride in Hannes' car. HannesL is glad he's a vegetarian, since that

compensates for the carbon dioxide emissions of his car when driving to the hashpoints.