2008-06-20 32 -87

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Fri 20 Jun 2008 in 32,-87:
32.8663951, -87.2270141

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Near Centreville/Brent in what appears to be a densely wooded area off Hwy 5





From the Graticule Page:

20 June 08 N76Lima (Birmingham resident) is going to try and reach today's hash site. It is near Centreville/Brent, and I have to go there for work. The actual site appears to be a densely wooded area off Hwy 5, so I may only get close.

Update. About 2PM local time, I arrived on Hwy 5 about as close to the hash site as one can get with a vehicle. I estimate I was within 500 yards of the site, which is in a heavily wooded area beyond a farm field. Better luck NEXT time. <sigh>