2008-06-19 1 103

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Thu 19 Jun 2008 in 1,103:
1.3567958, 103.8318613

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1.35679583073, 103.831861279605

It's slap in the middle of the road, in front of No. 18 Bright Hill Drive, off Upper Thomson Road.



Expedition route on Google Maps

Reached the vicinity at around 15:15, walked along the entire length of Bright Hill Drive from Upper Thomson Road to Block 446 (public housing apartments) [1.357645,103.831862] where I sat down and consulted my Google Maps aerial photo.

From 15:25 to 15:35, I made my way to the exact location and back out to the main road, taking photos as I went and attracting plenty of strange looks from passers-by.

Lastly, drove past the location in a taxi for a Speed Racer Achievement... Not awfully fast, but hey, it's a short side road, how fast can you go? Plus, there's the hump to limit your speed! (video)