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Wed 18 Jun 2008 in 1,103:
1.3634880, 103.7512723

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[edit] About

According to Google Maps, this one's at Block 338 Bukit Batok Street 34.

For a map which marks block numbers and gives more landmarks, use SLA's StreetMap@Singapore (search the block number and street name).

1.363488035554146, 103.75127233865797

[edit] Expeditions

[edit] r0d3n7z

Expedition route on Google Maps

Had work, so went after dinner. (Alas, my camera phone doesn't do very well at night; the pictures are quite awful so I had to select the better ones and enhance them. Also reduced the resolution, picture quality wasn't worth it.)

As usual, I travelled by public transport (to Bukit Gombak MRT station) [1.3589,103.7518] and then walked. I reached the junction [1.3637,103.7515] of Bukit Batok West Ave 5 and Bukit Batok Street 34 at 21:45. Photo of the junction also shows the apartment block at the geohash location (sign is blurry, though).

I also took a short detour over to Swiss Cottage Secondary School, which is just across the road, directly north of block 338. Photo of the school gate -- sign is blurry, and English text (bottom row) is obscured by the hedge, but the top row (Malay) is somewhat more visible: "Sekolah Menengah Swiss Cottage".

The exact location of the geohash is about halfway down the shorter leg of the L-shaped building; in the middle of this photo.

I must have looked rather suspicious loitering around and snapping pictures at such a late hour, so I left after about 15 minutes. Rewarded myself with waffles, took the train home.

As a side note, someone (with a NUS IP address) was deterred by heavy rain earlier in the day. Too bad we couldn't arrange to meet up for this one.

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