2008-06-17 61 -149

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Tue 17 Jun 2008 in Anchorage, AK:
61.1345941, -149.9117026

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Streetview approximation


  • Google Maps link
  • In the corner yard of a residential neighborhood near Minnesota & Dimond. No fence!
  • Be wary, we ran into a rather protective neighbor, who watched us the whole time we were there.
  • Owner was amicable, but a little freaked out about the 2 or 3 vehicles that had come by previously, taken pictures of his house and drove away. He said his neighbor had called him earlier in the day thinking he might get robbed.

Intended Attendees[edit]


  • Warren and his brother swung by at 1600.
  • Brian and brothers went and met with hostile Homeowner. Homeowner came out and told us that we need to stop driving by and taking pictures. Threatened to call police. We believe we were mixed up with Warren or previous geohashers. Took place around 1700. Failed to reach point.
  • Orbatos, Nutsenmai, Yos, and Nycti stopped by around 1815. Knocked on owner's door and got permission to take picture on lawn. Success!

Photographic Evidence[edit]