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2008-06-17 42 -75

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Tue 17 Jun 2008 in Frederick, Maryland:
42.1345941, -75.9117026

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[edit] Location

Out back of the local community college.

[edit] Participants


[edit] Expedition

Out back of the local community college, just a mile or so from my house.

[edit] Notes

The geohasher is assumed to be Feirgon because the IP of the person saying the geohash was near his/her house is the same as the IP of the person who added Feirgon, and then corrected a link error to the username, in the list of geohashers in neighbouring Ithaca, New York. The point is easily accessible on a playing field by the street, so if this person attempted the geohash s/he made it, but I need a little more evidence to know they tried.