2008-06-15 45 -75

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Sun 15 Jun 2008 in 45,-75:
45.4753808, -75.7612767

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Thunderstormed out.


The location is just behind a house on Avenue de la Citadelle. The area looks to be part of the golf course. In fact from what I can tell from the golf course map, it is in the middle of the fairway on the 18th hole.

I don't golf, but if you do you could be the first person to ever play golf and geohash simultaneously. It would be interesting to try for the geohash point instead of the green (a little difficult because there is no flag). For those interested, golf course info.

The access should be easy; remaining there for long periods of time on a Sunday afternoon will probably not be. No worries though, you should be able to spot any fellow geohashers from the road before you have to risk getting hit in the head by golf balls to snap your pictures of geohashing success.