2008-06-15 39 -119

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Sun 15 Jun 2008 in Reno, Nevada:
39.4753808, -119.7612767

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The Reno, Nevada graticule hasn't been necessarily accessible; most of the time it'll put you 20 miles from the nearest road, on the top of a mountain. So today, when I noticed the hash was actually IN Reno, I decided to go. I knew exactly where the area was, and the satellite photo seemed to show the hash on a flat area up a small hill, just at the northwest tip of Rattlesnake Mountain. I threw on jeans and boots (they don't call it Rattlesnake Mountain just because it looks like a snake on topo maps), and drove out in the Nuclear Party Bus (check the license plate, yes I am a geek) at about 5PM.

When I got there, I noted the myriad of signs telling me to keep out of the nearby Sierra Pacific power substation, but as for actually getting to the hash, there was just a vehicle barrier with no "keep out" signs. It was available to foot traffic (and the head of the mountain is public BLM property), so I trudged on.

I got very close, but the exact point was on a cliff face that I wouldn't risk reaching. Instead, I took a picture of myself in front of the cliff and made my way back down the hill. As evidenced by the (blurry) photo I took of my TomTom, I got to 39.47526 -119.76173, 41 meters away from the destination of 39.47538 -119.76127.

There was no evidence of other Geohashing visitors. As I arrived and parked, another car pulled up next to me and there was a guy who looked like he would fit the bill, but he was in a car with an Oregon plate, and was just using the area to turn around. I didn't leave anything at the site.

As for other days... One day I hope to become the first Geohasher to charter a helicopter to a hash point on top of a mountain.