2008-06-15 -41 174

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Sun 15 Jun 2008 in Wellington, New Zealand:
-41.4753808, 174.7612767

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The Location[edit]

Today's location was ~14km in the ocean in the Cook Straight between New Zealand's North and South islands. I decided to visit the nearest place to the north of the hash, which turned out to be between Owhiro and Island Bays near the boat ramp.

The Geohash[edit]

It was a glorious winters day here with plenty of sun. I'd planned to head out to the beach late afternoon on my bike (and pick up the Bicycle Geohash award). However it wouldn't be a geohash without a little drama - I had a puncture on the tyre so it took me a while to get it fixed.

I started cycling out at about 4 and got to the rocks at about 4.30. The sun was setting over the hills to the west, and although it wasn't that windy it started to get cold and I didn't have my bike lights. A few pictures later and I was on my way back home from the hashing.


nzsteak - I don't know if others were around as I got there pretty late