2008-06-14 39 -84

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Sat 14 Jun 2008 in 39,-84:
39.8067463, -84.0388869

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This meetup location is located in the Cincinnati, Ohio graticule on 2008-06-14 in a parking lot near the Wright Patterson Golf Club on the Wright Patterson Air Force Base. It is recommended that this location be nominated for the Restricted Area Achievement. See the comments for information on how to get access to the base.

Update: I do not think we will be able to get access to the base after all. For now, we're aiming to meet at Gate 12A, off of 444. If we can't get in, we can take pictures of our attempt and then relocate to the front of the Air Force Museum, which is relatively close. Contact User:Icehawk78 for details if you can't get on-base (or if you can and want to let us know how).


People who planned on attending, and what actually happened:

  • Nick and friends - came too late, to the wrong location. (39.806746°, -84.4038887... happens to be entirely west of Dayton. General Epic Failure.)
  • m5rammy - sorry, they wouldn't let me on the base.
  • lisa - stayed at the Yellow Springs street fair.
  • Quisling brought two friends that could both get him on base and showed up (about 20 minutes late). We played Settlers of Catan and just hung out for a bit waiting for more to show up.

(anyone else?)



The location for this meetup is on the Wright Paterson Air Force Base. Icehawk78 called the Air Force Base ahead of time and got the following information:

  • Access to civilians is allowed... If we can find a military sponsor to put our names down. Icehawk is investigating this currently. We need an email from a .mil email address or an actual Military Person (with ID) with our group to get access to the base. More info will be updated when it is known.
  • To be granted access to the base, you must call ahead of time, and inform them of the location, and give them your name, which will need to be confirmed with a photo ID.
  • The number to call is: (937) 257-6506. The location was relayed as Gate 12A, Area A, though I'm not certain that is correct. For more specific information, I gave the location as Estabrook Rd. and Talbott Rd., near the Wright Patterson Golf Club.

Does our graticule get an award for 3 golf course meet-ups in a row (or is that only after "fore")?

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