2008-06-14 39 -83

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Sat 14 Jun 2008 in 39,-83:
39.8067463, -83.0388869

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The Wilmington, Ohio geohash location for June 14, 2008 was in a vacant lot next to a housing development. This one, in fact. It was rather pretty, with ponds and gazebos and whatnot. A strange island of pristine, sanitized comfort among the cows and corn.

Who Came?[edit]

  • Chris & Alex made it to their first geohash, despite missing a turn off and driving around 15 miles too far (almost to Chillicothe) before realizing their mistake. They got there around 5 PM (due to getting lost) and took a few pictures. They would have taken more, but the phone's battery ran out.