2008-06-14 39 -105

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Sat 14 Jun 2008 in 39,-105:
39.8067463, -105.0388869

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June 14 - Out on the lake...kinda.


The SW Denver location today (39.806746°,-105.038887°) was reached by four people (see below). The coordinates ended up in the middle of Jim Baker Reservoir.

The four of us parked in a parking lot on the South West side of the lake (Here) and met up on a little land finger approximatly 102 meters away from the point (Here). The exact point would have been reached if swimming or boating had been legal on the lake.

Two people brought beer (legal in the park if in cans) and one brought cookies! We chatted for a bit, watched several fish jump and several geese swim around, then parted our own ways.


Total: 4

  • Mike
  • Michael
  • Joel
  • Arne


I'll try to get my pictures uploaded soon.


So let's try to get a list of Participants who are interested in traveling on the 6/14 Geohash.

  • Participants
    • Michael
    • Mike

And voting on the location:
SW: Michael, Mike

SW - The southwest location is right in the middle of Jim Baker Reservoir. We could easily meet out one of those little land tendrils going out to the middle of the reservoir and play games. It's in Avarda, so it's close to a lot of people wanting to travel in the city of Denver. If someone wants to carpool, let's start a little thing for that too. - Michael

  • I'm in Golden, so it's only a hop, skip, and a jump away. If you need a ride, drop me a line here. I can handle three comfortably. -Mike