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2008-06-14 33 -118

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Sat 14 Jun 2008 in Long Beach:
33.8067463, -118.0388869

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The small bit of "paradise" represented by this geohash location (in a parking lot) seems to have been paved over sometime since the last mapping flyover, as it was shown in the Google map (and in the satellite pic) as an old railway right-of-way. However, it is now part of the parking lot of a large "business and professional" building in the city of Cypress. The location was just off a small street with the odd name of "Vessels Circle" and was quite close to the outer edges of the Los Alamitos race track parking lot. Other notable nearby landmarks included a Costco store. (This folks, is suburban geohashing at its finest.)

Bill arrived shortly after 4PM and hung around for about 20 minutes but no other geohashers were seen. Sorry, no pics were taken as, despite the scenic spendor anticipated at the location, I forgot to bring my camera.