2008-06-14 32 -117

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Sat 14 Jun 2008 in 32,-117:
32.8067463, -117.0388869

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Hot dog! A Saturday meetup on land! It also appears to be near the Mission Trails Park. If you want to meet up at the park, the entrance to Cowles Mountain Trail is on Golfcrest Drive.


Craig will be at a video shoot early on Saturday, but he might convince a few people to show up at 4:00.
Curley OMG I promised myself I would go no matter where it landed and I couldn't have lucked out more, right next to Cowles mountain.


I went, but I was a bit late, so we just walked up the mtn. Try try again next saturday. (If its not in the ocean) - Max

Curley If it's ever not a viable location, which is the usual case, I'm sure the agreed solution by all is to just pick the one of the 3 nearest graticules that show's up closest to San Diego. Glad to see people attempting! see ya next saturday!

Curley We made it! didn't see anyone tho.... :(