2008-06-12 47 -122

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Thu 12 Jun 2008 in Seattle:
47.5114489, -122.6332663

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This geohash is just a few blocks from Cosmo's Deli, in East Port Orchard. From the satellite photo, it appears to be a few tens of yards from the road, in a forested area.




We took the Fauntleroy-Southworth ferry (is there a Ferry Geohash achievement?), then drove to Cosmo's. We had a great lunch, then headed out to the actual spot. Could have walked - it was that close.

Unfortunately, the lot was covered with blackberry brambles and other thorny shrubs. With a machete I could have made it, but not with the kids. Fortunately, a home-made dirt track got us pretty close, so my son snapped the photo and we called it good. Dad and happy kids then headed back to Seattle via the Bremerton ferry.


Caught the ferry from Bremerton across the water to Port Orchard, then took a bus up the hill to the area, reaching Cosmo's at 4 PM.

At Cosmo's, ordered what the menu called an "Authentic Reuben" after trying to talk the waitress into giving me a discount for a fake one. She wouldn't hear of it, and pretended not to understand. But I knew she knew what I was talking about. I could tell.

Then headed over to the geohash site. Found a broken microwave by the side of the road.

Didn't have any tools with me to salvage anything, so had a quick memorial service, and moved on.

From the nearest intersection,

found the same trails Thomcat did, and wandered about for a bit, but without a GPS device, I did the old "Good enough" and called it a day.