2008-06-08 56 13

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Sun 8 Jun 2008 in Hässleholm:
56.0475817, 13.2309159

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On 2008-06-08, the point in Hässleholm is here Aerial photo. It's located just north of Söderåsen national park.

Markus, Peter, Natalie and Sara journeyed past semi-abandoned farms, on small roads that could just barely be found, reaching the hash about 16.20 on the lovely sunday afternoon. Unfortunately they didn't bump into someone else there. As the location wasn't that suitable for gaming, they later relocated to a nearby national park.


2008-06-08 56 13-2.jpg Arriving at the scene. Notice the huge road we eventually found. At the other end, it was completely overgrown and blocked.

2008-06-08 56 13-1.jpg Markus, close to the spot.