2008-06-08 48 11

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Sun 8 Jun 2008 in 48,11:
48.0475817, 11.2309159

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Expedition by Bb[edit]

I picked up a friend and we took of "west-ish" since the navi decided to stop working after its 30 minutes warm up (overheat) phase. Being left with the ridiculous notes I took and the coords, we went for it. In the end we found it, but the road that looked nice on Google Maps was actually a pretty bad farmer's gravel track. The car made it through in one piece and we came back to tarmac even without turning around. We went around the spot up a hill, from where I took this pano. Took us about 2hrs to go 80km with few detours through some residential areas driving by compass.

The hash is somewhere on the lawn in the middle of the shot.