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Sun 8 Jun 2008 in -35,149:
-35.0475817, 149.2309159

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Bones and Bugs[edit]

Joanna, Kieran, Ainsley and Psud all made the attempt on this Canberra hash.

Joanna had no petrol. Kieran and Ainsley each had no car. So Psud picked up Kieran from the Glowing Cube, then Ainsley from the entomology carpark at CSIRO, then Joanna (who has friends with poor timekeeping skills) at the Glowing Cube. Psud likes the Glowing Cube. The glowing cube refused to glow for us because it was daytime.

The group headed towards the hash. Psud and Kieran recognised the roads and signs - this one was along the road to Gunning - where the graveyard hash was.

Ainsley had only recently arrived in Australia from California, so on the drive to the hash she got to learn about Australian government, Australian Government Departments with Odd Collections of Portfolios, South Eastern Australian Climate, the illegality of everything (especially in New South Wales), and other local esoterica. Psud learned to say drosophila correctly.

The hash point was protected by two fences - each equipped with an electric wire, numerous sheep, a rabbit and a few dozen skulls.

Kieran tested the electric fences for us, and found them to be switched off. We climbed through the barbed wire.

The bunny ran, the sheep also did a poor job of guarding.

The skulls formerly belonged to sheep, and were not particularly threatening.

We found the hash near some trees and stopped for a while to drink fruit juice, play with skulls and hunt for bugs to ask our friendly entomologist about. Kieran worked out how many rabbits there were in the area.

Rain chased us to a nearby pub where Kieran photographed bogans.

There were firecrackers to let off, and only a narrow window in which we could let them off. So we returned to our various homes.