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Sat 7 Jun 2008 in Malmö:
55.5017842, 13.1143708

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Second ever meetup in the Malmö graticule was near road 101 outside Arrie, 15km or so South-East of Malmö. It looked like a gravel pit of some kind on the Aerial photo , but the gravel had been grown over since the picture was taken. There were three small artificial lakes there. If it hadn't been for the lakes, this would just been a field like any other. Instead it was a very serene and scenic spot (yes, fields are serene too, but it was more relaxing than a field). Water is relaxing to me.

Dan, HannesL, Jonas and Per traveled there in two cars, none of which actually were the trusted ol' white Volvo 240 stationwagon. It was great!

Aerial photo[edit]

Just klick on "GPS-kordinater" to show the coordinates.
Aerial photo


One of the three lakes in the area of the spot.
The Lake080608.jpg

Dan (red shirt), Jonas (orange? shirt) and Per (sitting down) accompanied me on this quest. You can see the meet-up point just one centimeter to the left of Jonas' (guy on the right) shoulder.

Dan, Jonas och Per.jpg