2008-06-07 53 -113

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Sat 7 Jun 2008 in Edmonton:
53.5017842, -113.1143708

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53.501784°, -113.114371°


Back yard of a private rural acreage just east of the city of Sherwood Park on RR220. Subdivision Mark IV.


Group 1:

Matt, Geoff, Nicholas

Group 2:

Greg, Becky


Group 1 arrived at the location at 3:30 pm. Nicholas spent time playing in the grass looking at ants. We found a frog and a caterpillar. A stray beagle was roaming around. At approximately 3:50pm a blue car entered the subdivision and parked a few houses down from where we were. After a few minutes we approached and asked if they were geohashing - they were. They introduced themselves as Greg and Becky. We played frisbee for about half an hour, petted a few local dogs, then packed up for the day. A very nice day and a great not-to-hard-to-find location.


Geohash-beagle-2008-06-07.jpg Geohash-frog-2008-06-07.jpg Geohash-caterpillar-2008-06-07.jpg Geohash-group-2008-06-07.jpg Geohash-group2-2008-06-07.jpg Geohash-nicholas-2008-06-07.jpg