2008-06-07 49 -123

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Sat 7 Jun 2008 in 49,-123:
49.5017842, -123.1143708

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This was my first attempt at a Saturday hash. I had planned a long and challenging trip by transit, bicycle and foot to reach a remote, but accessible mountain geohash. Google showed a 20 km mountain road that led to within a kilometre of the hash. I was hoping it would be a good enough road to average 10 km an hour or so, and then I would walk/bushwhack the rest of the way.

I got off the bus as a ski resort parking lot and started looking for the trail. First I found a trail that led to where there were wolves, but I was going in the wrong direction, so I turned around.


And then I found the most beautiful road imaginable, paved and everything, but behind this sign.


More details on my blog.