2008-06-07 42 -85

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Sat 7 Jun 2008 in Grand Rapids:
42.5017842, -85.1143708

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The Grand Rapids coordinates are on Guy road between Battle Creek and Charlotte. The Big Rapids coordinates are on Monroe road near Blanchard. Additionally, the Muskegon and Holland coordinates are on land (NW of Freemont and NW of Pullman, respectively).

Smq and girlfriend arrived near the coordinates around 4:20. As near as we could tell from the Google map and the car odometer, the coordinates were roughly at the corner of the trees (on private property). There was a farmhouse across the street. We took a few pictures, then, since there was no sign of anyone else, headed back to GR, stopping for a bite at Roush's Sidewalk Cafe in Nashville on the way back.