2008-06-07 40 -105

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Sat 7 Jun 2008 in 40,-105:
40.5017842, -105.1143708

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40.037487°, -105.281267°


The NW Denver Coordinates were reached by a total of 4 people on this primary saturday. The point was in western Fort Collins, in an open area across from a "recycling facility" (landfill). Four of us met up about 3:45 and wandered toward the point, where we commenced to stand around, talk, and listen to the prairie dogs barking their warnings about these people in their area. There were cookies.

Geohashers that made it: (4 total)[edit]


I only have one picture available, and that's a screenshot of the GPS coordinates. There were actual photos taken, but I forgot my own camera in the car. If the other photos surface, post up and delete this note.

Michael's Pictures

Not sure on how to put my pictures in the gallery. If someone wants to, that'd be cool. - Michael