2008-06-07 34 -117

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Sat 7 Jun 2008 in 34,-117:
34.5017842, -117.1143708

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So, it looks like this week's San Bernardino meetup is in an out-of-the-way, but accessible, bit of desert near Apple Valley. While the location doesn't seem particularly interesting, Martin and I are planning to make the hash. Anyone else interested posting here would be nice, since we would like to know if there'll be more than just the two of us sitting in the desert. (The Santa Ana location appears possibly inaccessible, though I'm not sure about the rules of random people meeting at a soccer field at a sports park, but if people normally in the San Bernardino graticule are more interested in that one, saying that here would also be nice. The Los Angeles location might be more doable, and actually has things like nearby food. Also a consideration.) -- Chris

I am planning to hit the San Bernardino location. The fact that it looks uninteresting makes me more want to go there and find out if it actually is. -- far_call

Made it there and wandered around a bit in the desert. -- far_call


This geohash was in the desert near Apple Valley. Not too far from the road and easy to reach. I got there around 16:00 and wandered around the general area for about 20 minutes. Saw nothing unexpected but it was a nice bit of desert near some hills. Did not come across anybody else. -- far_call

Chris and I got there around 17:30, due to traffic and getting lost. We thought the hash was a bit further south than it was, and attempted to climb the hill between us and the hash. While we didn't end up making to the hash, as climbing without preparation sucks, we do have pictures of our fail. --Martin 05:26, 8 June 2008 (UTC)