2008-06-07 33 -97

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Sat 7 Jun 2008 in 33,-97:
33.5017842, -97.1143708

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This hash is located East of I35 near Valley View, TX. GPS: (33.501784N, 97.114371W)

Weather will be: very very hot, lots of sun.

The Meetup[edit]

Originally posted here

Only my fiance, her dog Penny, and I showed up, and there's good reason why. We arrived about 20 minutes before 4:00, travel time was only about 20+ minutes from Denton. It looked like it was on some ranch or area that was not currently in use, though had buildings(barns?) on the far side of the very large property. We had to climb through very thick woods and brush before getting to the location, which resulted in many insect bites and some small wounds, not to mention wading through muddy water and climbing under a barbed-wire fence. We arrived at the spot a couple minutes after 4PM and had picnic on an old dirt road; the sun was beating down and it was incredibly hot. I suggested going back to the car a different way, which ended up with us getting lost in the woods in a lot of thick brush and getting ourselves covered with dirt, leaves, spiders, and mosquito bites.