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2008-06-06 42 -81

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Fri 6 Jun 2008 in 42,-81:
42.7596630, -81.8253824

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A photo of the manga at today's spot.

in the London South, Ontario graticule, a fair distance north west of Glanworth, many dirt roads were taken, but once I got there it was pretty straight forward it was on the farmers property, but not far in at all, of all the locations, this one probly has the best chance of someone finding it. Fun drive, blue skies, hot day, almost ran out of gas on the way back, but that didn't change it being a pretty relaxing adventure.

Reached by Cleric999 at 2:20pm, the farm owner looked at me from about 200m away

[edit] Pictures

These photos were taken by cleric999