2008-06-05 64 -149

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Thu 5 Jun 2008 in Nenana, AK:
64.0664391, -149.1843892

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  • Google Maps link
  • Middle of nowhere along the Parks Highway between Healey and Anderson.
  • Looks obtainable. It's just off the road.

Intended Attendees[edit]


  • Nutsenmai and Nycti were too tired to go trekking, and there was too great a presence of mosquitoes to warrant getting out of the car. They waited for the next hour or so wondering if raptors had eaten Orbatos.
  • We stopped just ahead of milepost 264 on the Parks Highway with the gps showing the destination coordinates as being 0.4 miles off-road. Orbatos decided to take an exploratory look and went offroad to find it goes steeply downhill and appeared too open up after the trees into a wide sparsely-treed knobby tundra. He went back to the car to retrieve the GPS and camera only to find the tundra degenerated into marsh after about 100 feet and quickly found himself wading for most of an hour until about 11:30pm, where he took a short panorama and and trudged back declaring a moratorium on bog, at least without proper gear.


Orbatos earned the MNIMB Geohash Achievement
by reaching the (64, -149) geohash on 2008-06-05.
080617 raptor 37.png
Orbatos earned the North geohash achievement
by reaching the (64, -149) geohash on 2008-06-05.
080605 mewithgps 61-62 78.png

Photographic Evidence[edit]