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2008-06-05 43 -81

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Thu 5 Jun 2008 in 43,-81:
43.0664391, -81.1843892

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When I finally reached it, & laid down some ikkoku.

Today's spot on London South, Ontario graticule was not only way too far out in Lake Erie, but also on the US side, which could be dangerous, noting its southern location in the graticule, I decided to venture to London North, Ontario's graticule spot, which was located just on the shore of the lake fanshawe reservoir. To access the spot, I had to drive on a great deal of gravel road, and pass through a good deal of construction, farmer's field and thick foliage, but I made it, and left a single chapter of maison ikkoku on the spot as always.

Reached by Cleric999 at 2:00 PM

[edit] Pictures

These photos were taken by cleric999