2008-06-04 61 -149

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Wed 4 Jun 2008 in Anchorage, AK:
61.1802923, -149.8450323

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Streetview approximation


  • Google Maps link
  • In undeveloped land just off Tudor, west of Lake Otis, in protected wetlands. The second most accessible location since the algorithm was published.

Intended attendees[edit]

  • Max and a few friends plan to be there sometime around 8pm.
  • Yos will be swinging by after work.


  • Yos, Doug and I (orbatos) dropped by at 1700 after work, taking the long route into the bog and being followed by a disheveled (homeless?) man through the woods. We came from the east in an attempt to get closer to the actual location than the roadside access would seem to allow, to no avail. Instead we encountered deep bog strewn with bear and moose sign, as well as an oddity in the form of decorative flowers freshly cut and bound together, soaking in the tepid water. The location is roughly .7 km from my house (this should earn me a Honorable Mention in the Couch Potato Achievement). The mosquitoes were ridiculous and my camera malfunctioned, leaving me with only a couple of pictures.

Photographic Evidence[edit]