2008-05-31 36 -86

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Sat 31 May 2008 in Nashville:
36.0374871, -86.2812665

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My wife, Heidi and I took a 140 mile motorcycle ride with our puppy, Penny, from Chattanooga, TN in hopes of meeting members of a more active graticule in Nashville, TN. We rode to the nearest road which turned out to be gravel and the final road that Google led us to was no more than an overgrown horse trail that we couldn't even get the motorcycle onto. So we hiked about a mile from the gravel road to the open cow pasture where the meet-up point was. No one else was present, so we ate a picnic in the middle of the field until the cows began encroaching and eyeing us warily. We decided it was time to head home.