2008-05-29 40 -77

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Thu 29 May 2008 in 40,-77:
40.4647016, -77.0341244

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It seems to be a patch of woods between Lower Bailey Road and a railroad that runs along a river which runs into the Susquehanna river.




I work at selinsgrove and will plan to take a drive down to the geohash after work. To get there... I plan on going down Rt 11 along susquehanna, then to 34, then when i cross the river onto upper bailey road, turning onto lower bailey road soon after. It looks like the spot is right before the road meets the railroad. I dont have a GPS (yet) but I might be able to take some photos of the general area.



Fission mailed! Before it even began... This looks like the quickest route and it still runs me about an hours's drive further away from my house.. In fear of incurring the wrath of my Landlord for not mowing the lawn due to my lenghthy trip.... I must pass up on the adventure. I will take a look at the destination tomorrow to see if I will attempt a Saturday trip!