2008-05-26 53 -2

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Mon 26 May 2008 in Manchester, United Kingdom:
53.6731281, -2.6073080

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First successful geohash reached in this graticule that has been recorded, reached by M.Bryan at approximately 4pm British Summer Time. The location was a large field just to the north east of Chorley, a town in Lancashire. No other geohashers arrived during the 45 minutes that I lingered there. The weather faded from sunny and warm towards cold and windy during the journey, which was an exciting one, since I had no previous knowledge of the area. By way of map and compass I navigated through the maze of footpaths on a 60minute walk from the train station.

On arrival I tried to triangulate my position but was unable to do so because of the dense tree cover on all sides of the field, so I had to settle for approximating my position based on the nearby foot paths and stream. Human contact may have been zero, but there were horses in an adjacent field and I saw two deer far away who ran when I moved closer to photograph them.