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Mon 26 May 2008 in Portland:
45.6731281, -122.6073080

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Nine geohashers found our way to this location, which turned out to be smack in the middle of a small neighborhood near Walnut Grove. The weather was cloudy, but at least it wasn't raining. We were unable to actually reach the exact coordinates of the hash because they were in a fenced-in backyard, but we set up camp fairly close. Nutella sandwiches were eaten, acquaintances (of the slightly awkward, "hi...do you read webcomics?" variety) were made, chess was played, and sitting around doing little was done.

Cassidy had learned of a geocache within a block of our location, so we went searching for that. However, we couldn't find it and ended up alienating the neighborhood citizens a bit. We gave up and returned to our corner after a few minutes of unsuccessful searching along a chainlink fence.

Soon a man stepped out of the house whose lawn we were occupying, and sort of stared us down, signaling that it was time for the group to part ways. That was the end of Monday's adventure.

Pictures to be added soon!

Planning and Coordination Archives[edit]

5/26/2008 - Monday[edit]

Erin: If anyone is interested, I'll most likely be at the Monday location. It appears to be near Walnut Grove, and it doesn't look too hard to get there. Hopefully I'll bring a small crowd with me, along with a picnic! I guess we'll stick to the XKCD Saturday meet time of around 4:00.

admalledd: I believe that me and a small group of people will also be going to Monday's location, we plan on biking, we might add to your picnic Erin by brining pringles!

Wil: I was there, as were eight others. There was a picnic and I got to play a game of chess.

Erin: Well, we almost got to the spot. Location was in a residential area. If only it hadn't been in someone's backyard. Pictures to come!

admalledd: Same as Erin, except she has all th pictures.

Erin: As soon as Kirsten sends me the pictures (I used her camara), I'll put them up.

TimmothyTee: Eric, if the hash on saturday is beyond an hour ride, then I probably won't go. Prom is saturday and I have a date starting around 6:30.