2008-05-26 42 -91

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Mon 26 May 2008 in 42,-91:
42.6731281, -91.6073080

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Meeting point was just to the west of Joy Springs County Park, and inside an Iowa DNR Wildlife Management Area open to the public.


Nfomi: Had to settle for getting as close as possible, which in this case was inside Joy Springs park 18:30. Hiked west from the parking area, and thought we had a way to the spot. But, didn't feel like fording the Maquoketa River, which was flowing pretty fast after the previous night's rain. The river did seem to be the boundary to the DNR area... I could see a posted sign for it on the other side of the river. Should have taken a picture, but my better half was a bit tired of the searching by then. Only other folks out there were headed to the river to fish. Did make a pass at getting into the DNR area from the west, but never did find a way to it that wasn't labeled as private property. I'm a bit hesitant to push onto private land... I don't like it when people are on my property :-). Eventually headed back to Cedar Rapids, with a stop at the Cedar Lodge Steakhouse (Review .... meh).

Notes and Comments[edit]

Nfomi: Had kinda hoped to make it over towards Parkersburg to get some photos of the tornado damage, but was getting late. Plus, the last thing they needed was another gawker with a camera. Also, I need to get a GPS unit designed for this kinda thing... the TomTom ain't cuttin' it.