2008-05-22 35 -84

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Thu 22 May 2008 in Cleveland, TN:
35.9728743, -84.2386965

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This is technically not a retro hash for Geohashing Day but who cares!

Alex, Ben, Bo, Brett, Chelsea and Tim went on a retro hash to celebrate Mouse Over Day.


The coordinates for this day were near Bethel Valley Rd, close to a security check.

Distance Traveled: 23.4 mi

Participants (6)[edit]

  • Alex Collier
  • Ben Goldman
  • Bo Daugherty
  • Brett Coleman
  • Chelsea Newbolds
  • Tim Runge



I would first like to reluctantly note that all of the photos taken on this expedition were corrupted. This is quite depressing seeing as this geohash was probably our most successful one of them all. But I like to think of it like this, Mary Shelley was able to bring a picture to life without photography. Now, I'm no 19 year old girl, but I'll give it my all to explain the awesomeness of this trip.

Without further adont...


Today was Geohashing Day (observed)! On such days like this, one cannot celebrate without cake! So to bring along this delightful hash, my aunt made a delicious Koka-Kola Kake. And what is celebrating without fun in games (besides your grandmother's birthday)? Introducing a new flavor to hashing, I brought the good, ole croquet set. Huzzah!

All the peeps met at mi casa, and we left at around 3:30 toward Oak Ridge. Not knowing if the point was on government grounds or not, the worthiness of the trip was yet to be determined until arrival. Luckily and awesomely, the point was in the middle of an open field! We played frisbee for a brief moment till the cake was whipped out. Oh! The delicate poop-looking cake was so great! After quickly being dehydrated, I set up the croquet course, and off we were.

Chelsea pulled a quick lead while the rest of us clusterfucked around the first wick. Gradually, though, I crept up on Chelsea. She was literally inches away from winning, and I had one shot at beating her which was to hit her ball from about 10ft away on grass that had been acting unpredictably. It paid off, and I sent her far off with a kamikaze shot. Two shots later, victory! Granted, I have played croquet before, so it was expected I won. Not to boast, clearly, since everyone else did really well (except Jewben).

After one game, we packed up and left, for it was purdy hot. Before heading home, though, we drove up the road a little more to see whether or not there was a security check (On arriving, we saw some huge guard post up ahead, but we weren't sure). Let alone, it was a check point. I mean, come on, it is only Oak Ridge, right?

I believe everyone had a wunderbar time, and this was probably my most favorite hash. I'm glad we are all starting to geohash again. Thanks Randall.


Again, no photos here to post. I'll cherish this as one great memory and let my mind make it what it wasn't.


Alex, Ben, Bo, Brett, Chelsea, and Tim earned the 2010 Mouse Over Day achievement
by Eating cake and playing croquet in the (35, -84) graticule on the Saturday following May 21st 2010.

Yes, it is the 22nd, but it was observed.