2005-05-26 37 -122

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Thu 26 May 2005 in 37,-122:
37.8577133, -122.5445431

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The hash location of the original comic. Visiting these coordinates qualifies you for the Pilgrimage Gratuitous Ribbon.

Known expeditions[edit]

relet & lyx[edit]

We drove to the location during our trip from San Francisco to Vancouver. We found the coordinates to be reachable, albeit in tricky and probably vulnerable terrain. Parking available at the entrance of the headland park, access from Fox Trail to the south. It was a short hike during which we could observe the local bird population and a feral cat.


After a visit to the Sutro Baths 
we crossed a famous bridge in the fog 
and reached the Tennessee Valley National Park 
Clearly a geohashing location 
Mother bird to the right, young birds to the left - quite a spectacle 
Coordinates reached 
Stupid grin 
lyx found a sweater, a t-shirt 
and some glasses 


lyx & relet earned the Pilgrimage geohash
by reaching the coordinates of the original comic, the (37, -122) geohash on 2005-05-26.