1994-07-08 49 -123

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2009-07-08 49 -123.us.jpg

Fri 8 Jul 1994 in 49,-123:
49.2483171, -123.1405298

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The geohash fell on a residential side street in Vancouver, about a block off Granville. It's even more convenient to reach than the actual location of Wade and Robyn's wedding, which took place fifteen years ago to the day of the expedition.


Wade and Robyn dressed for their anniversary dinner, programmed the GPS, picked up T-Rex (who lives in the garage) and drove to the geohash. Wade parked right on the geohash, within the accuracy of the device, and then we got out of the vehicle for photographs, and to chalkmark the spot. It was across the street from the York House School (Junior).

That arduous task done, we continued to the more challenging part of the expedition: getting a table at Vij's, the best Indian restaurant in Vancouver. Wade (who was driving) found it on the first try, and at 8:25 parked right in front of the restaurant, at a meter that didn't require coins after eight p.m. Very smooth, Wade.

We then found the correct door (on the second try) to enter the restaurant and get ourselves on the waitlist. This is the challenging part. Vij's does not accept reservations. The wait was billed at 1.5 to 2 hours. They suggested we go for a nice long walk. Uhh, Robyn went for a really long walk yesterday, but really there wasn't much else to do. Wade suggested that we spend the time going to today's real geohash. The most accessible one of any surrounding graticule is in the water just off Orcas Island. "So how long would it take you to rent a float plane?" asks Wade. You can see why Robyn has stayed married to him for so long.

Instead of more geohashing, Robyn and Wade walked slowly up and down South Granville, window shopping. And then we came back and had spicy ground cricket paranta (Robyn asked the waiter, "Is it made with real crickets?" He said 80% crickets, 20% whole wheat flour), brussels sprouts and papaya paneer, lamb popsicles, and curried eggplant. Everything was extremely excellent.

Wade and Robyn decided to stay married.


Wade & Robyn earned the Wedding anniversary geohash achievement
by reaching the (49, -123) geohash for 1994-07-08 on 2009-07-08.
2009-07-08 49 -123.us.jpg