1993-05-21 49 19

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Fri 21 May 1993 in 49,19:
49.9750135, 19.8287327

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Retrohashing to celebrate Geohashing Day.


On the pedestrian crosswalk in the Kazimierza Wielkiego street in Skawina, Poland


Malgond, his boys and father-in-law.


It was my first Geohashing Day since I started playing the game, so I was quite eager to observe it. However, it was Thursday, and quite a busy one, with important family activities both in the morning and in the evening - and it was a normal work/school/kindergarten day for us. So there was no time for any serious expedition. Therefore I have resolved to try finding some easy retrohash.

I kept clicking on the Eupheodes' map until I got something easy and close to home. So this is it - a street in a town just a few kilometers west of our home.


We've arrived at the place about 9 p.m. so it was getting dark already - and raining. I have parked our car in an empty lot just next to the hash and we went through a lenghty photo session with me fiddling with camera settings and all of us in turn trying to make some steady shot in poor conditions while some of the others were walking across the street.


Proof by Google Street View:

1993-05-21 49 19-street view.png


Malgond earned the 2015 Geohashing Day achievement
by celebrating in the (49, 19) graticule on May 21st 2015.