1990-02-13 36 -83

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Tue 13 Feb 1990 in 36,-83:
36.0227571, -83.9500633

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My birthday graticule was in the middle of a street 6.5 miles from my house. So I went.


I hopped on my good old bicycle, a delightfully beat up 18 speed that has the grips on the handlebars taped on, and went down the road. Through the woods, up the street, down the hill, up the hill, down a bigger hill, up an even bigger hill, and then eventually I ended up getting to the spot, right at the end of Maple Drive in the Inskip neighborhood of Knoxville, Tennessee. Wasn't too strenuous of a trip, but I started hearing thunder off in the distance once I got there. Upon arriving home, I missed a thunderstorm by about 10 minutes. Lucky me. Managed to nab a bicycle geohash award, a virgin geohash award (especially considering that I had to create the page), and an origin geohash.

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