1981-09-04 50 10

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Fri 4 Sep 1981 in Gotha:
50.2553915, 10.5558053

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[edit] Location

The hashpoint is in a forest near Sulzdorf an der Lederhecke.

[edit] Retro expedition on 2009-09-04

[edit] Danatar

The story can be found here

Danatar earned the Displaced origin geohash achievement
by reaching the ({{{attemptlatitude}}}, {{{attemptlongitude}}}) geohash for [[{{{birthdate}}} {{{attemptlatitude}}} {{{attemptlongitude}}}|{{{birthdate}}}]] on 2009-09-04 after being born on {{{birthdate}}} in the ({{{birthlatitude}}}, {{{birthlongitude}}}) graticule.
1981-09-04 50 10 hp.jpg