1981-07-22 48 11

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Wed 22 Jul 1981 in 48,11:
48.7820216, 11.2941291

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Solli's origin geohash, visited on 2017-05-27.


On a field near Pettenhofen, between Neustadt an der Donau and Ingolstadt



A spontaneous idea to visit my origin geohash, since I happened to be nearby.


I looked up my origin geohash location some months ago and decided to go there someday. But since it's about 100km from my home location I did not spend much thought on that. On May 27th I happened to drive through Neustadt and remembered that the hashpoint is not far away. So I looked it up, drove to Pettenhoven and went for a walk.

The area is actually quite nice and I had a lovely walk along a little stream (which I had to cross twice, but no big deal). I found out that the location was probably in a wheat field, so I walked between potatoes and wheat to the closest possible spot. I came within 10 metres of the location. It would have been possible to step into the field carefully without harming the crops, but I did not want to risk trampling anything down. Since it was not more than 10m (more likely only 5m according to the areal image) and my app already told me that I was there, I called it a success. If somebody wants to be really pedantic about it I guess I have to come back in the winter, but IMHO I did reach the coordinates.



Solli earned the Origin geohash achievement
by reaching the (48, 11) geohash for 1981-07-22 on 2017-05-27.