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1981-03-09 52 13

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Mon 9 Mar 1981 in 52,13:
52.4806481, 13.2186514

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[edit] About

This is the origin geohash for relet. After watching one hash point after the other fall into the outskirts of nowhere, he decided to go for a nice evening ride into the Grunewald forest, the largest forest within the city limits of Berlin. Somewhere among the trees would have been the geohash for the day when he was born.

It was a twenty minutes ride from work into the forest; a rather arduous progression along sandy forest tracks - the sand was heavy and wet from rain, and dug up from the hooves of passing horses; and a quick stroll through the underbrush to reach the actual hash point. He took photos, and formed some well-known letters with a number of sticks. By the time he was finished, night had fallen. Relet felt quite lucky to have a decent lighting on his bike, as he had to take the same sandy roads back again. However, he found another narrow track with a more ridable underground for his way back.

He met a family of wild boars on his expedition, and some foxes on the return trip. They all were rather keen to stand in the spotlight, but relet wasn't quick enough with his camera.

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